June 27, 2019

Quick quiz: your best friend has had a baby. An employee has gone above and beyond. You need to thank your boss with a memorable Christmas gift. You want to celebrate a client’s win by giving something meaningful. What do you get them??

Bet you’re feeling stumped right now! Buying gifts is such a minefield. How do you figure out what will be appreciated, valued or treasured? In this blog I explore why hampers are the answer to all of your gift giving problems.

Scenario 1: The person who has everything

Do you really want to be responsible for giving the birthday boy his third pair of socks? How do you know if your colleague has already read that book - or if she even likes sci-fi/romantic space adventures 😉. Some people are just impossible to buy for because they already have the latest gadget.

Here’s where hampers do your job for you. By choosing a selection of lovely goodies, you’re sure to have all bases covered. There’s something for everyone!

Scenario 2: Your dad’s uncle’s second cousin once removed

What do you get for someone that you don’t really know? Maybe you’ve been invited to an important dinner by your husband’s boss. Maybe you drew the Secret Santa for great aunt Betty (who you haven’t seen since last Christmas). Sure, chocolates and wine will do the job. But they’re pretty forgettable.

Hampers are chocolate and wine on steroids. They are sure to please everyone and make even aunt Betty feel appreciated.

Scenario 3: When you need to make a lasting impression

Gift giving is not only an important part of relationships, it’s an important part of business. The best way to ensure that peers continue to refer to you, or to make clients sing your praises, or to encourage loyalty from your best employees, is to show that you genuinely care about them. I’m sure they’ll be thankful for a gift voucher, but how can you put a monetary value on their significance? Plus they’re totally impersonal.

Hampers can be individualised for the recipient. There’s one for every occasion – from traditional birthdays and Christmas gifts, to more specific settlement hampers for clients moving into new homes. Plus they can be personalised, for example, with names on the boxes, or logos on the ribbon.

If you need to buy a special something for a special someone, click here to see our current range - https://www.prettyperfectgifthampers.com.au/collections/gift-hampers, or call to discuss your own needs. We’ll be happy to provide the perfect gift!