Back in 2014 we had an extremely premmie baby. It wasn't an easy time being in the neonatal ICU. The hospital had a few books to read, one of them was a book by Life's Little treasures foundation. The book had snippets of parents that had very premmie babies and showed how they were doing. It was wonderful reading all the positive stories in it.

We spent a few months in the hospital before we brought our daughter home. Luckily for us, she is doing well. Fast forward to when we started our business, we wanted to support this charity whichever way we can. So every quarter we donate a little to this charity called Life's Little Treasures Foundation which provided valuable resources during our stay with our little girl in the NICU when she was born. We also created a premmie baby journal which is now sold on their website.   



Australia’s foremost charity dedicated to providing support, friendship and information, specifically tailored for families of premature or sick babies.

The Foundation’s services are available in hospitals (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home.

It was founded in 2005 by parents, all of whom had a sick or premature baby.  They realised how important it was for families to have access to information and a community they could identify with and feel apart of. Someone who understood the challenges that they faced.

Having a child that is sick or premature can be a very traumatic rollercoaster ride and the Foundation strives to give families the support and assistance they need.