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We support these two charities that are close to our heart. You purchase has helped make a difference and we are so thankful to you for this as are these charities. Both these charities are in Victoria in Australia. Monash hospital was where our little girl was born and Life's Little Treasure Foundation which provided valuable resources during our stay with our little girl. 



Your generous support makes a real difference to the brave young patients and their families. Your donation is used directly for high priority equipment purchases, leading research and additional services that help Monash Children's hospital deliver exceptional care for these children. Donations such as yours allow Monash hospital's staff to provide world-class, innovative care for young patients now and in the future. 


Australia’s foremost charity dedicated to providing support, friendship and information, specifically tailored for families of premature or sick babies.

The Foundation’s services are available in hospitals (neonatal and special care units) and in the community when families come home.

It was founded in 2005 by parents, all of whom had a sick or premature baby.  They realised how important it was for families to have access to information and a community they could identify with and feel apart of. Someone who understood the challenges that they faced.

Having a child that is sick or premature can be a very traumatic rollercoaster ride and the Foundation strives to give families the support and assistance they need.



Thank you again for your generosity in purchasing your products with us. You have made a difference to so many families across Australia through these wonderful charities.