Farmhouse sign - IF I HAVE TO STIR IT, IT'S HOMEMADE sign

Framed Fixer Upper Style Painted Wood Sign Modern Country Rustic Wooden Timber Home Decor

Each sign is handmade from scratch - each piece of wood cut and painted from scratch. Each piece of the frame is cut to size, stained and attached from scratch. The quote is added carefully to make sure the letters are crisp and sharp.

 Farmhouse decor - IF I HAVE TO STIR IT, IT'S HOMEMADE sign 

  • Farmhouse decor style
  • Great to place on fireplace or in any room inside the house
  • Dimensions: 18 inches x 8 inches (Approximately)
  • Makes great gifts for Easter or christmas or Mother's day
  • White background, black letters, brown stain on frame
  • Each piece is handmade once your order is placed, so no two pieces look the same
  • Quick 5 business day turn around time
  • Recommended only for families with a sense of humour