May 25, 2020

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. Who would have thought a few months ago that the world would be turned upside down. That the things we took for granted like going to the shops or a visit to the park or even a family bbq would be things of luxury. Amidst all these new ways of coping, many a birthdays have passed, anniversaries and occasions have passed. 

We have put up a quick pandemic gift guide (It's a thing now, pandemic gift guide - unfortunately haha) We figured it's easier giving you a list of gifts that are directly sent to the recipient. Contactless delivery they call it these days. You see, we post it out and the delivery guy drops the gift / gift box at a safe place in your home, takes a pic of it for proof of delivery and runs for his life as if he has seen a ghost. Just kidding, we're lucky to have our posties and delivery drivers doing their jobs delivering our gifts.

Without further ado - here's our list - 

1. Birthday gift hamper -

This could make a perfect birthday gift hamper as the name suggests OR gift it as a care package. It has a beautiful mug, chocolate and nibbles. It's perfect for your loved one or even for someone you hardly know much about, because let's face it - who doesn't like coffee, chocolate, cookies and nuts. This mug is good even for a big glass of wine, now we aren't advocating drinking a huge mug full of delicious wine here but just a little hint regarding the size of our Hug me mugs, it is a perfect hug in a mug. Best of all, you can personalise this gift box too. 

Birthday gift hamper. Care Package for loved ones.


2. Personalised Jewellery -

Did you want to gift something that lasts forever? Something a bit more sentimental? Our personalised range of necklaces have been very popular during Mother's day and off late during this pandemic. Why not personalise this with positive affirmations and it will be a reminder to stay positive during these challenging times. A little reminder that we will all see the back of this and will rise much stronger and closer to our families. Available in 3 popular options - Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. And may we brag that this bar necklace has been seen on many celebrities so it is very popular. 

Rose Gold jewellery - Bar necklace


3. Personalised chopping board -

Watch out Masterchef - we reckon the next season will see some amazing home chefs who've been practising during this pandemic. Well some out of boredom and some to stay healthy but either way! We have beautiful artisanally made personalised chopping boards. As seen in the Delicious Australia magazine, these have been ordered for older and younger people for a range of occasions but is a perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking. 

Personalised wooden cutting board


Don't forget, we are offering free shipping at moment. Buy now while stocks last. Happy shopping!