March 18, 2020

Easter is not just about gift-giving, but a time to show loved ones how much you care. A lot of retailers sort gifts by price / age / popularity and this makes it easier to choose from a plethora of gifts.

Whether you are a traditional gift giver or want to go rowdy and gift something unique, this list will just about help you with the best gifts out there!

1. Baileys have a limited Edition - Baileys Chocolat luxe. This along with some nibbles and Robert Gordon mugs should make anyone happy!



2. Back in the day when we started our company, we used to sell gorgeous Easter buckets. Watch this space as we will be bringing these back on stock soon.


Easter Buckets with Afterpay


3. Go traditional with chocolates. So many hampers to choose from with artisanally made chocolates sourced from Victoria and Western Australia


Easter Chocolate gift hampers with Afterpay


4. What's Easter without a bunny for a kid! These come in beautiful pastel colours


Easter Bunny


5. Don't forget the grandparents! We have so many people contact us asking for gift suggestions for the grandparents. These leather key chains come personalised and make great Easter gifts


Personalised leather key chains - gifts for grandparents



Quick tip to always look on social media pages to check for any discounts / offers available at the time of buying! Happy shopping!