Men's personalised gifts with fast delivery

September 04, 2018

Men's personalised gifts

No, men needn't be hard to buy for!! We'll show you why. 

You cannot go wrong with our personalised range of men's gifts. We have a little something special. Something small yet trendy. Something practical and durable. Our personalised leather key chains can customised with the kids' names or a date! A special code word that just you as a couple share. Something he will laugh at or smile every time he sees it.

They come in a gorgeous colours, brown and tan being the most popular. Our dip key chains seem to be very popular with the ladies, but the blue dip is popular with the men. No, we don't like to generalise either saying blue is for men and pink for women, it's just how it is trending at the moment in 2018. 

All key chains are made from scratch in our Melbourne studio. Lots of effort goes into getting the right shine on them, a little note says how to take care of your leather key chain. They come personalised in a gift box ready to gift. Even though we make it from scratch, we only have a quick 3 day turn around time which means we are perfect for last minute gifts too. A personalised gift with a fast turnaround time - now that sure is a first!